Đề thi thử môn Tiếng Anh 2019 - Sở Giáo Dục Đào Tạo Hà Nội - Lần 1
50 Câu Hỏi
60 Phút
Điểm Cao: 9.00
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Câu số 31:  


Câu số 32:  


Câu số 33:  

What does the passage mainly discuss?

Câu số 34:  

It can be inferred from the passage that children normally learn simple counting __.

Câu số 35:  

The word “illuminated” is closest in meaning to             .

Câu số 36:  

According to the passage, when small children were asked to count a pile of red and blue pencils, they ____.

Câu số 37:  

Which of the following statement would the author LEAST agree with?

Câu số 38:  

What is the main purpose of the passage?

Câu số 39:  

What can be inferred about machines that are not calculators or computers?

Câu số 40:  

The word “innovative” in paragraph 1 could best replaced by _____.

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