Thi nhanh theo chủ đề - Passage reading comprehension - Đề số: 8
10 Câu Hỏi
15 Phút
Điểm Cao: 5.00
Trung Bình: 5.00

Câu số 1:  

What is the passage mainly about?

Câu số 2:  

The word they in paragraph 1 refers to .

Câu số 3:  

It can be inferred from the passage that              .

Câu số 4:   Which of the following is mentioned in paragraph 3 as a potential impact of keeping a pet?

Câu số 5:  

According to the passage, when small children were asked to count a pile of red and blue pencils, they ____.

Câu số 6:  

What does the writer say about space solar power?

Câu số 7:  

What does the author think is the best way for children to learn things?

Câu số 8:  

The word “essential” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to .

Câu số 9:  

What does the word “that” in the passage refer to?

Câu số 10:  

According to the passage, how do some insects make sure their young have food to?

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