Đề Thi Chính Thức THPT Quốc Gia Năm 2018 Mã 401- Ngoại Ngữ - Tiếng Anh
50 Câu Hỏi
60 Phút
Điểm Cao: 8.80
Trung Bình: 6.29

Câu số 21:   If Martin were here now, he ______ us to solve this difficult problem.

Câu số 22:   You shouldn't lose heart; success often comes to those who are not ______ by failures.

Câu số 23:   It concerns many sociologists that inadequate parents skills may lead to an increase in the number of incidents of juvenile delinquency.

Câu số 24:   It is the ASEAN Para Games that disabled athletes have an opportunity to have their talents and efforts recognised

Câu số 25:   Teenagers is greatly influenced by not only their parents but also their peers.

Câu số 26:   I find it useful to join the sports club.

Câu số 27:   It is believed that modern farming methods have greatly improved farmers' lives.

Câu số 28:   "Would you like to go to the show with me?" Anna said to Bella.

Câu số 29:   Mary left home to start an independent life. She realised how much her family meant to her.

Câu số 30:   Kate completed her higher education. She then decided to travel the world before getting a job.

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